We’ve delivered insight and strategic guidance to more than 90 universities, colleges, students’ unions and private hall providers

Education is undergoing a dramatic transformation, both here in the UK and around the world. Global demographic and economic trends are driving continued demand for skills.

Our clients look to us to help them identify opportunities and manage risk in this increasingly competitive and innovative market. The projects we undertake range from course portfolio development (product line) to global brand tracking.

Core research audiences often include UK and international students, applicants and pre-applicants, as well as institutional stakeholders and business partners.

We’re proud to have clients that include more than 50 UK universities and colleges, business schools, students’ unions and private student accommodation providers.

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In this brand new Atlantic Alumni report, we present the findings of our latest research into alumni charitable giving through a unique trans-Atlantic alumni segmentation.

If you work in higher education or fundraising, or are interested in using segmentation techniques to better understand your audience, you won’t want to miss this powerful report.