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A Buzzing Student Experience Zone!

In News by Tom Cannon

Red Brick Research was delighted to host the Student Experience Zone at the Student Accommodation Conference 2017. During the event, we explored all things student experience with a range of exciting …

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Red Brick Talks: Global Graduates

In Education by Tom Cannon

At Red Brick we have been rooting out some of the most innovative youth startups in the UK. Our Talks series has seen how social media is being vitalised by Instabear (now Socialbear), …

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Red Brick Talks: Gojimo

In Education, Technology by Tom Cannon – @GojimoApp – @burgesg In November 2009, George Burgess founder of Gojimo launched his first app GeoRev. The app was developed while George was at school and was based on the GCSE geography …

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Red Brick Talks: TickBox

In Education by Tom Cannon – @TickboxLtd – @Matt__Morley Political apathy and disengagement with politics is one of the challenges faced by numerous modern liberal democracies. In the UK many find the political process …

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Red Brick Talks: Socialbear

In Consumer Goods, Education, Technology by Tom Cannon

Socialbear: The Student Startup that brings Social Media into the Real World –  @instabearhq – @sollyakhtar – Facebook: instabearHQ Socialbear (previously Instabear) is a trailblazing social media and events startup that has recently celebrated …